Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rape on the High Seas.

Balboni v. DOT; USCG

The facts surrounding this incident are protected by the rules governing the Attorney Client Privilege. A Freedom of Information Act request to the U S Coast Guard or the Department of Transportation for a copy of the transcript of the testimony might prove fruitful. Also, a diligent search of the archives of the San Jose Mercury News, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Oakland Tribune, or one of the Massachuetts newspapers with national coverage might unearth the facts. References have been made by part-time Coast Guard Academy professors concerning rape in the laundry onboard the CGC Eagle during a cadet cruise in scholar treatises concerning the special challenges that female officers have to face.



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April 2003, Capt. Christine D. Balboni, 44, became the commanding officer of Galveston’s U.S. Coast Guard base. She replaced Capt. Donald B. Thompson. She is the first female to be CO of Base Galveston.
Balboni will do a three-year tour of duty in Galveston. She comes from Miami where she served with the Integrated Support Command Miami. She was the executive officer there when reassigned to Galveston.

The Coast Guard says she has an extensive background in surface operations and management of multimission stations. During the ceremony, no one mentioned that Balboni is the first woman commander of Base Galveston.

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