Monday, April 24, 2006

Class of 1968 Cadet Social Life.

Gitte Rhein Knutsen, Miss Denmark, and Miss Norway.

Miss USA, Cadet Johanek, and Miss Greece.

Below is Cadet Pete Tennis, Miss USA, Johanek, and Miss Greece.

Below is Miss USA, and cadet Jim Haedt.

(Below, Right to Left; Cadet Juan Salas and Miss Spain, 1968)

(Below is Cadet L. Steverson and Miss Denmark, 1968)
Two or three Black cadets out of a student body of about two thousand was not full integration. The presence of these token Black cadets did not effect the historical normal operations of the Coast Guard Academy, at all. These tokens were treated as honorary white cadets. At all social events, mixers, and athletic parties, the Social Hostess at the Coast Guard Academy never provided any Black females. The Black cadets were allowed, even required, to choose escorts from the girls provided. On some occasions, the cadets were allowed to escort dignitaries and visiting celebrities. Cadets were sometimes asked to escort Miss Universe beauty pageant contestants.

Cadet 1/c L. Steverson and Angela Flannagan, Miss Morgan State University , 1968

Beverly Patterson and nieces.

Beverly Patterson and Mustang.



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Is it necessary to name the Social Hostess?
(Penny, Jnu., Ak. 4/27/06)

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Blogger ichbinalj said...

ADM Willard J. Smith, USCG served as the 13th Coast Guard Commandant from 1966-1970, was the first aviator to have held the Coast Guard’s highest-ranking position. Born in Suttons Bay, Mich., on May 14, 1910, Smith graduated Charlevoix, Mich. High School in 1927 and attended the University of Michigan for two years studying engineering. He then entered the Coast Guard Academy, graduating in 1933, second in his class. He served as an aide to wartime Commandant ADM Russell R. Waesche until 1939, and then again from fall 1944 until 1946. During World War II, while serving as commanding officer of the Coast Guard Air Station at San Francisco.

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The girl I marry got to be, Airborne, ranger, UDT.
Sound off, one, two.
Sound off, three, four.
One two three four.

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This is my rifle, this is my gun.
This is for show; this is for fun.
Cadet Chant.

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