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Chief of Staff to Admiral Van Sice, "Get Out!"

The U.S. Coast Guard chief of staff announced Friday, December 1st, that Rear Adm. J. Scott Burhoe will replace Rear Adm. James C. Van Sice as the superintendent of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in a few weeks. Although the change of superintendents usually takes place after the academy's commencement in May, Vice Adm. Robert J. Papp said he wanted Burhoe to take over before the release of a task force report on the climate and culture among cadets at the Academy. The change of command will take place during the winter semester break, December 22, 2006 to January 7, 2007.
Admiral James Van Sice, the Convening Authority, for the Webster Smith Court-martial, sat on the Report of that Court-Martial for months without taking action. Webster Smith was sitting in the Navy Brig at Goose Creek, SC. This time Admiral Van Sice will not have to wait. He will not be allowed to sit in his Ivory Tower for another four months waiting for the normal rotation of Flag Officers.
Santa Claus and his reindeers will not be stopping at Admiral Van Sice’s house this Christmas. It will be an 18-wheel moving van. December is a nice time to go to Washington, DC.



Blogger ichbinalj said...

Admiral Brewski is under investigation.
Admiral Brewski, Der Brewmeister, the man who investigated Webster Smith is under investigation. Admiral James Van Sice convened an Article 32 Investigation of a Coast Guard Academy cadet with the intention of court-martialing the cadet for rape. When the Article 32 Investigating officer filed his final report with Admiral Van Sice, he reported that the facts did not support referral to a General Court-martial for rape. Against every guideline and protocol, Admiral Van Sice disregarded the advice of his investigators and his lawyers and convened a General Court-martial anyway. Needless to say, at trial, the charge of rape was not proved. What did Admiral Van Sice learn from that? Nothing! Absolutely nothing, it would appear.
Cmdr. Jeff Carter, chief of media relations for the Coast Guard, said the task force investigating the climate and culture among cadets at the Academy has also learned about information involving Van Sice that requires additional review beyond the scope of the task force charter. He said Papp directed Rear Adm. Larry Hereth, Commander of the Fifth Coast Guard District in Portsmouth, Va., to look into the information. Carter said this review is not related to the reassignment of Admiral Van Sice to Washington, DC.
Chief Warrant Officer David M. French, the Academy spokesman for the Webster Smith court-martial, said he could not comment on the investigation of Admiral Van Sice or the change of command taking place during the winter break from December 22, 2006 to January 7, 2007. Admiral Van Sice this time, had nothing to say.

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Blogger ichbinalj said...

Navt Times, By Patricia Kime
Staff writer
The superintendent of the Coast Guard Academy is leaving his post
after 19 months on the job. Rear Adm. James Van Sice, superintendent
of the New London, Conn.-based school since May 2005, will depart
after the semester ends in December.
Officials admitted that an inquiry is underway into “information
involving the superintendent,” but they said the investigation, being
conducted by a flag officer outside Van Sice’s chain of command, is not related to his reassignment.
Information had come to light as part of an ongoing investigation into the academy’s culture and leadership and it required additional review beyond the scope of the group examining the academy as a whole.
Coast Guard chief of staff Vice Adm. Robert Papp has assigned 5th
District commander Rear Adm. Larry Hereth to investigate the
information related to the superintendent.

Van Sice’s short tenure at the academy has been tempestuous. In
December 2005, academy officials launched an investigation into
allegations of sexual misconduct and assault against a first class
That investigation led to the institution’s first-ever court-martial and the conviction June
19 of former Cadet 1st Class Webster M. Smith on extortion, sodomy and assault charges.
The trial made national news, both for its lack of precedence and
salacious content.

The trial also became fodder for Internet bloggers on racial grounds: Smith is Black; his four female accusers are white.

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Blogger ichbinalj said...

The departure of Van Sice is
unusual not only for its timing but for the fact he is being
reassigned. The last five academy superintendents have retired
following their four- to five-year tours.

"It is neither a promotion nor a demotion", spokesman Cmdr. Jeff Carter said. He said the reassignment is a lateral move for Van Sice, who has 32 years of active-duty service.
In September, the Coast Guard appointed a task force to assess the academy’s campus culture and determine whether changes need to be made to its policies, procedures and training regimen. The task force — a diverse group of senior officers, retired personnel, civilians and
senior enlisted — is expected to report its findings in January.
The academy also made news in July when the Government Accountability Office reported that Van Sice had authorized purchase of a microbrewery kit to brew beer for academy functions.
School officials argued that the $230 kit to make the “The Admiral
Amber Ale” and other private-labeled beer was cost-effective and provided a quality product that “functioned as an ‘icebreaker’
for discussions at official parties.” Admiral Van Sice's portrait is featured prominently on each bottle of ale.
The GAO, however, called the purchase, made on a government credit card, “abuse” of privilege and added that the academy spent $800 on ingredients and didn’t factor in labor costs, driving the cost to well over $1,000 for
532 bottles of beer.

The task force responsible for examining academy training and
leadership is expected to report its findings in January 2007; it is unknown when or if the results of Admiral Hereth’s investigation of Admiral Van Sice will be revealed.
“I’m not aware of the timeline Admiral Hereth may be working under,”
Carter said.

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Blogger ichbinalj said...

SS writes:
Its about time that the two- headed serpent is finally chopped off from its body. I hope that Admiral Thad Allen has an answer for Cadet Webster Smith. He could still undo the mess, and even perhaps restore honor among all cadets of color.
But, I doubt this will happen. A civil judgement will have to happen before he makes any move. He doesn't want to "correctly answer" an unjust court martial, and bail out a young intelligent Black man to boot. That would be a "politically incorrect answer".

I wouldn't be holding my breath that he does anything on behalf of this poor cadet wallowing in the mire for the past 4 months.
Also, they should court martial Van Sice. Director of Personnel Management in Washington DC? This is how the Coast Guard rewards those who unjustly made the first court martial in its history? You know he's not going to hire any Black folk.

If I were young enough, I would apply, and see how far I would get. Along those lines, now, with the Supreme Court ready to repeal Brown vs. Board of Ed. I am getting nervous for my own kids.

I wonder, if the socio-economic conditions among Blacks will continue to decline, and will as a result be adversely affected by our kids going back to segregated schools?

Although, frankly, I went through that in Grad School. I was the only Black to graduate in my class. The other one dropped out.
Pacific Northwest Clinic

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:
You know it makes sense to me that at the academy there was/is so much drinking and partying under Van Sice. He had his own brewery, that is what he valued and praised, so the cadets tried to please him, by doing what they thought would get them on Van Sice's good side - Drinking, drinking and drinking.
The cadets drank to please Admiral Van Sice.

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Blogger ichbinalj said...

Rear Admiral James C. Van Sice will be relieved of command as the Superintendent of the Coast Guard Academy at 1100 on Friday, 5 January 2007, in Leamy Hall. Rear Admiral J. Scott Burhoe is assuming command. He is not an Academy graduate. “It's a big event,” said CWO David French "That is when they will transfer duties and responsibilities,”

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Blogger ichbinalj said...

International Herald Tribune - France
(The Associated Press) WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2007
Lawyers for a former cadet who was the first student court-martialed in the 130-year history of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy's are seeking to reverse his convictions for sexual misconduct.
Oral Arguments before the Coast Guard Court of Military Appeals is set for 16 January 2008 in Arlington, Va.

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